Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to horses rated 140+ and 135+ in the Challenger Series races? Are they allowed to run carrying a penalty? For example Desert Cry is rated 150 in the 3m Hurdle.

They will be permitted to run but carrying the additional weight equating to the number of lbs their rating is above the 140/135.  Desert Cry would therefore carry 10lb more than 140 ie.  12st 8lb.

Is the £50k bonus fund for horses winning a qualifier and then winning in the same discipline on Finals Day continuing this year?

No, the bonus fund has been used to fund the Mares’ Chase Series.

How/when are you contacting trainers?  

We will email them to say a list of qualified horses is on the Admin Site.

What happens if horses with the same rating fill the places 14-22? How do you determine which horse qualifies? 

Computer generated random ballot.

In a qualifier at Aintree (3/12/29016) there were 10 runners, 6 finished and 1x fell, 2x BD and 1x UR all at the same fence. Which horses qualify for the finals day? 

Only the 6 finishers are qualified.

What happens to Irish horses that have qualified?

Treated the same as the British